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Who We Are

The Godmothers of St. Vincent's School for Boys actively support the boys at St. Vincent's by fundraising and volunteers to help provide a safe, nurturing environment where they can build self-esteem, improve social skills, and renew trust.
After the closing of Timothy Murphy School on June 2019, The Godmothers have ensured our special mission continues by more closely associating with St. Vincent's School for Boys. St. Vincent School for Boys are included under Catholic Charities of San Francisco; CCSF includes many human services in their "family" of charitable programs and is not a fundraising or donor-based organization for any religious institution.
The Godmothers are proud to continue our major fundraising events and programs for the boys of St. Vincent's. The central office of the Godmothers will remain and the involvement of volunteer participation in our programs with support, love, and generosity to the boys will be as valuable as ever.